Ya Gotta Love Pi e Coming 3.141592653 Yes, Next Week!

The Pi Day of the century occurs on Saturday, March 14, when the symbol π extends beyond its annual 3.14 to reflect an actual chronological date and time: 3/14/15 9:26:53 AM. To commemorate this momentous mathematical event, Ann Arbor-based Epic Races will present the Run 3.14 Pi, Michigan’s Original Pi Run. On 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 AM, Pi lovers and pie lovers alike will take to the trail at Hudson Mills MetroPark to run, walk, skip, or otherwise complete a 3.14-mile course, then celebrate the occasion with an assortment of delicious pies by Ann Arbor business Achatz Handmade Pie Co.

To further round out the celebration, the “Pi Guy,” Riley Mclincha, will be on hand to start off the race. In 1978, McLincha held the Guinness World Record for memorizing Pi: he memorized it to 7,500 decimal places. He eventually memorized Pi to 10,000 digits.

“Being a Guinness World Record holder totally changed my life,” says Mclincha, a lifelong resident of Clio, Michigan. “For one thing, everybody thought I was some sort of genius… I began looking at myself more positively and went on to accomplish many things I’d never before thought possible.”

While Mcglincha may be persuaded to recite Pi to several decimal places for his fellow Run 3.14 Pi participants, he will also be demonstrating his own unique creation, “drubbling,” during the run. Drubbling involves dribbling three basketballs in a juggling pattern … while running.

“I invented drubbling 22 years ago,” notes Mcglincha, now 64. “It has not been duplicated in a race yet. That’s a testament to how hard it is… or how stupid it is, The verdict is still out.” Mcglincha holds the unofficial world record for the fastest one-mile run while dribbling three basketballs.

For more information on the Run 3.14 Pi (this event is now sold out), go to http://epicraces.com/event/will-run-for-pi/. To learn more about Epic Races, Michigan’s premier endurance and multi-sport race event company, visit http://epicraces.com/about/. Watch Riley Mcglincha set his one-mile run record at https://recordsetter.com/world-record/run-mile-while-dribbling-three-basketballs/17315.

Success Down on the Farm, the Alex R. Weddon Story

By Rev. Den Slattery, PhD   den98@juno.com

When I first moved to Grass Lake in 2012, I made it a point to visit the local newspaper office, which is where I met Alex. Alex is the owner, publisher, and editor of the Grass Lake Times. But do you really know who he is? Maybe I can shed some light on him as I make him my “Interesting Person of Grass Lake” this month. Continue reading

Gym Class Pain and Gain from the book Close Calls on the Farm: Off to School, by Alex R. Weddon

As 14 year-olds, our mouths ran as much as our skinny legs in school and could attract the attention of the gym class teaching assistant.  He was an older and hard driving task manager with a short temper. Just what our high school gym teacher was looking for.

Gym activities ran along the usual sports seasons. It was the one class where yelling was accepted.  During volleyball, exchanges between teams and teammates often escalated to out right fistfights. Everyone would miss a shot or make a mistake in rotating sooner or later. The rest of the team then opened up a verbal barrage on the individual. A hurtful reaction was the goal, and then the jibing would continue now that the class had an accommodating target.

The shout-downs  were merciless. Who would have guessed a simple game of volleyball played by self adsorbed 14-year-old’s at various stages of physical and emotional maturity could produce such observant and penetrating barbs?

Quiet, well adjusted classmates would hit the showers almost weeping with anger after being singled out. If all went as planned, the “four point oh” students would loose control and begin an angry and spastic diatribe of poorly pronounced indecencies, accented by hair pulling and flying spittle. The base vocabulary of these scholars was decidedly undeveloped, due in part to their not employing such vernacular on a regular basis, but the near whiteout anger of delivery more than made up for this shortfall. The rest of us who had endured such ignominy many times, would guffaw and laugh and point at the newest member of our suffering fraternity.   Continue reading

Spring Expo and Craft Show Saturday, March 21

A new twist to the popular Grass Lake Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual Spring Expo this year is the addition of a Craft Show and reducing the time frame to Saturday only.

Located at the Grass Lake High School, the bash will offer food, entertainment, music, drawings for free stuff and will have more than seventy-five local businesses and organizations showcasing their products and services.

The event draws close to two thousand visitors, many taking the opportunity to catch up on what’s been happening during the winter season.

Registration forms and booth space maps are on the chamber’s website. About half the booths are already taken.

Download the registration form, booth layout map and current registration listing by clicking on the link below, scrolling down the page and clicking the individual links:    www.grasslakechamber.org/spring-business-expo.html

1915 News -Farmers Club meeting, Thrown from a Horse Drawn Carriage, Grange Organized

March 1915
More Local and Personal
Norvell: The Farmers Club will hold an all day meeting at the Town Hall Saturday, April 3 to which the public is invited. A pot luck dinner will be served at noon. The following is the program announced: roll call, current events-“What do you think of the proposed increase in R. R. passenger rates?;” singing “America”; select reading by Elma Holmes; music by Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Shorney; recitation by Rhea Kimble; recitation by Max Pierce; music by Mr. and Mrs. James Pierce; subject for discussion-“Corn Culture”  led byErnest Moore.
Waterloo: Floyd Rowe resumed his school duties Monday after being home two weeks with the mumps.
Leoni: The Ladies Aid Society will serve dinner and supper in the church dining room on Election day. Everyone should remember what good meals they serve.
Leoni: Mrs. Bean has been very sick and is not much improved. Bennie Bean is able to be out.
John Kirby, aged 82 years, 6 months and 11 days, passed away at Grass Lake, Mar. 12, 1915. He emigrated to America in 1854 from Winthrop, Nottinghamshire, England. He was a man of simple habits and pronounced convictions. He was an honest, straight-forward man, the sort of character that makes for a substantial and reliable citizenship. He lived to a good old age and as the ripened grain is gathered to the harvest, so he is gathered to his fathers.
Harlan Shelly, who was quite ill the first of the week with a severe attack of the grippe, is some better.
William Cutler was badly shaken on Saturday when the horse he was driving became frightened and ran away. He was thrown out of the rig by the Foster-Babcock store, but aside from a severe jolt and a bruised knee he was unhurt.
Raymond Hamill has a trained hen which he is very much interested in. The hen works a food machine with its foot and would interest anyone to see it. We have heard of other fowls being trained but a hen is rather out of the ordinary.
On the afternoon of April 5, several men of this village have planned to shoot blue rocks south of the Dave Haselschwardt blacksmith shop and all men in the vicinity are invited to join them.
The house belonging to Mr. Ashfal east of town which caught fire last week Thursday burned to the foundations. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Abbott who were living in the house lost nearly all their household goods.
Prospect Hill: The Gleaner meeting held at W. First’s Saturday was largely attended. The next regular meeting will be held at B.P. O’Neil’s of Sharon. Pot luck dinner served.
West Sharon & East Grass Lake: Quite a large attendance was at the Irwin school house Saturday evening where a Grange was organized.

East Napoleon: There was no school at Long Island this week on account of illness of the teacher, Miss Ina Fay of Jackson.
Sharon: Lydia Keobbe is quite sick and closed her school for a few days. Theo Keobbe has purchased a new Ford automobile.
Francisco: The cetechism class of the M.E. church will be examined Sunday morning. The members of the class are Max Hoppe, Ralph Kalmbach, Hazen Lehman, Eva Lehman, Irene Richards, Florence Kilmer, Clara Fahrner, Elsie Heydlauff, Almerine Whitaker.

A Tip o’ the Stormy Kromer to:
Linda Lockwood Hutchinson

The Copper Nail-Our Community’s Project

Small towns are special. Grass Lake is no exception.

While large cities set up philanthropic organizations such as the United Way program to pool their resources for the betterment of their communities, small towns often need to become more creative. Grass Lake’s creativity took flight when a small group of local volunteers developed a concept that enabled everyone to help raise the community to its best.

That concept became The Copper Nail. This community project has empowered everyone to be a part of its success. Opportunities are offered to contribute in many ways. Donors of merchandise are the foundation, volunteers are the mortar and shoppers the roof of this unique business structure.

Together, the Grass Lake community is – through these donors, volunteers and shoppers – about to reach another milestone. On March 21, at the Business Expo, we will celebrate the giving of $200,000 back to our community.

This is an opportunity for all of you to give a pat on the back to yourself. YOU have made The Copper Nail the success that it has become. Visit our booth and celebrate with us.

With your help, we continue to move forward. You may have noticed new activity at ”The Nail.” There will be much more in the weeks to come.

The Board has taken an important step with the decision to renovate the building’s 2nd floor. This will enable us to significantly expand sales space. Most important, it will enable us to achieve our mission of being a primary funder of the Senior Citizen project coming this spring to Grass Lake. Continue reading

Lady Warriors Over JayHawks X2

Led by Gracie Cabana’s 20 points and 8 steals, and Clara Waidley’s 10 points and 10 steals, our Lady Warriors came away from Vandercook Lake with a well-earned 57-50 victory over the Jayhawks of Vandercook Lake in a make-up game played Monday, February 23, 2015.

The two teams tangled only last Thursday, with Grass Lake hosting their win.

Led by Gracie Cabana’s 13 points, Stephanie Johnson’s 10 rebounds, and Abby Niehaus’ five assists, our Lady Warriors jumped out to a big lead and never looked back as they coasted to a 67-28 victory  in the Grass Lake gym.

Niehaus fights for a rebound

Niehaus fights for a rebound


Grass Lake Lady Warrior Gracie Cabana hustles down court against the Jayhawks


Lady Warrior Jillian Fullerton shoots a lefty for two


Grass Lake’s Clara Waidley looks for the play to develop down court.